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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Apr 28, 2021

In this episode, Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT, comes onto the HET podcast to discuss his experience working in sports physical therapy.


Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT is a Sports Performance Physical Therapist who served as the Rehab & Medical Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball, where he began discovering a new approach to sports rehabilitation that utilizes psychology, along with mental skills and strategies. This inspired David to author his recently published book; Injured to Elite: A Guide to Empowering Yourself to Transform Your Life After Injury. Alongside his book Injured to Elite, he hosts a podcast of the same name. David has now fostered a community (The Injured to Elite Network) made up of developing sports professionals and athletes that identify with being an underdog, in order to change the paradigm of sports performance and healthcare towards growth outside of just the physical domain.

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