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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

Dr. Cosi Belloso, Physical Therapist and Owner of Palanca PT, comes onto HET Podcast to chat about amputation rehabilitation. She discusses clinical pearls that she has learned, phantom limb pain, prosthetic sizing, and much more!


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Cosi Belloso’s dedication to working with amputees started during her formative years working as a newly-graduated PT under the mentorship of Curtis Clark at Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH). Within the setting of JMH’s world-class facilities, she became familiar with the special challenges facing people with limb loss/ deficiencies, from Symmes patients to bilateral above knee amputees. She found her passion in helping these individuals from the immediate pre and post-op care period all the way to full independence with their prosthetics legs. Away from the professional arena, Cosi is also a proud wife and mother to four children. In her spare time she enjoys performing the violin, running races for doughnuts, and cooking for her family and friends.


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