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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

Dr. Christine McCallum and Dr. Elaine Becker come onto the HET Podcast to talk about integrated clinical education along with their perspective and their experience working on the ACAPT Integrated Clinical Education Panel.


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Oct 6, 2019

Dr. Jean Timmerberg (Associate Director and Assistant Professor at the Columbia University DPT Program and Chair of the ACAPT Student Readiness Panel) comes onto HET Podcast to chat about the work of the ACAPT panel looking into student readiness. Jean also shares insight into her research, clinical education, & on the...

Sep 30, 2019

Dr. Chrissy Ropp, PT, DPT, GCS comes onto the HET Podcast to give us her unique perspective as a Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE).


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Sep 27, 2019

Dr. Carol Recker-Hughes (Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education at SUNY Upstate Medical University) comes onto HET Podcast to continue our discussion on the use of clinical simulation in entry level DPT Education. Carol discusses how the SUNY simulation program was created, the barriers encountered along...

Sep 24, 2019

Part 2 of our chat with Dr. Dan Dale focuses on an overview of Mercer University's DPT Acute Care Simulation Program touching on why/how the program specifically started, barriers encountered, the structure and overview of how the program currently operates, utilization of interprofessional education in their...