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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Dec 30, 2022

Want to encourage improvement and transferable learning through your feedback? Tune in to this episode to learn more about providing forward-looking, transferable feedback to support student success.

In this bonus episode of Teach Me Something Tuesday on the Healthcare Education Transformation podcast, we focused on the art of giving effective feedback to support student learning. We emphasized the importance of providing feedback that is clear, concise, timely, and non-judgmental, as well as considering the context in which feedback is given to ensure it is meaningful to the student. We also discussed the value of providing forward-looking feedback that encourages improvement and transferable learning.

To give effective feedback, we shared a variety of strategies that teachers can use, including using specific language, focusing on the student's strengths, and involving students in the feedback process. We also emphasized the importance of fostering a growth mindset in students through the use of feedback, and discussed the role of student input in informing teaching and assessment strategies. Overall, this episode provided valuable insights and tips for teachers looking to improve their feedback practices and support student success.

Dr F Scott Feil is a husband, a father, a physical therapist, a professor, and most recently an Amazon best-selling author. F Scott is also a business coach and mentor despite starting his journey as an English major before landing as a Physical Therapist. He is one of the creators and co-hosts of the Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast which aims to break down the silos between healthcare professions in an attempt to find best practices in teaching and learning throughout healthcare academia. He also hosts the Professors of Profit Podcast where he interviews healthcare professionals about their side gigs and side hustles. His goal is to help at least 222 professors (one from every PT School at the time of publication of his book) and clinicians pay off their student loans quicker and/or more efficiently by using multiple revenue streams. If he helps some others with terminal degrees or other healthcare clinicians along the way, then it’s a bonus! He is also the owner of , FGI Consulting, and Epic Therapy and Wellness. His areas of interest are in the realms of Geriatrics, Service Based Learning, and Business.

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