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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Nov 15, 2018

Kyle Coffey, Program Director of the U Mass Lowell Exercise Physiology Program, comes onto HET Podcast to talk about a new undergraduate degree pathway that he helped create at U Mass Lowell focusing on population health. Kyle talks about the degree path and structure of exercise physiologists, how this program...

Nov 10, 2018

Jamey Schrier, Author and Founder of the Practice Freedom Method, comes onto HET Podcast to discuss physical therapy business tips along with discussing business education in DPT Education and so much more!



Nov 7, 2018

Stephanie chats with Dr. Julie Tilson, Director of the USC Hybrid DPT Program, regarding USC's Hybrid Program. Julie discusses how & why USC created a hybrid program, feedback from the program thus far, evidence with hybrid compared to traditional models, benefits and drawbacks to hybrid learning, and more.


Nov 2, 2018

Todd Davenport, Full Professor at the University of the Pacific Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program, comes on The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast again to discuss the organizations that play a role in DPT education and the economics of universities. Todd also brings the perspective on DPT...

Oct 26, 2018

Tawny Chamberlain & Shannon Herrin, Program Directors for the Richmond & Austin PTA Program with South University, come onto HET Podcast to talk about an overview of PTA education. They discuss PTA program structure, issues & solutions to PTA education, the PTA program accrediting process, barriers from being a PTA...