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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Aug 5, 2018

Terry Phillips (Driveline’s in house Physical Therapist)  and Sam Briend (Driveline’s Lead Floor Trainer) of Driveline Baseball come onto the show to talk about Driveline and considerations for teaching and training the baseball athlete. They discuss their backgrounds and how they got involved with Driveline, what Driveline is and what they do within it, most common clinical conditions seen in baseball players and management, how to best teach and train the overhead athletes and much more! Special guest cohost Alex Famodu also joins the discussion.

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Terry's Bio:
-Graduated from Ithaca College with Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2009
-Moved out to Seattle shortly after in 2010 where I started working at an outpatient clinic
-Began working part time at Driveline in 2016
-Moved to full-time at Driveline in June 2017