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The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

Dr. Kyle Rice, Physical Therapist and CEO/Co-Founder of The PT Hustle, comes on the show for a great discussion about the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE).  He discusses more test-taking strategies, NPTE content and limitations, and tells us what he has learned about mentoring and coaching.




Jun 10, 2019

In honor of the recent DPT and PTA graduates across the country we had some very special guests send us their ultimate message that they wanted to share with all PT/PTA graduates as they start their careers for a special commencement episode featuring: Ben Fung, Sandy Hilton, Sarah Haag, Zak Gabor, Stephanie Allen,...

Jun 5, 2019

David Bayliff, "The Captain" comes on the HET Podcast live from SSPT Live 2018 to talk about mobile concierge physical therapy.  He discusses the strengths and limitations to having a mobile PT practice.


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Jun 4, 2019

Zak Gabor chats with Dr. Daniel Kang from George Fox University on the Level Up Podcast regarding constructive changes in academia which was originally released on 5/31/19.

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Jun 3, 2019

Mark Kargela and Jarod Hall come onto HET Podcast to chat about their clinical transformation thus far along with their post-professional mentorship program that they've developed to help clinicians better manage patients with persistent pain.


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